Rejuvenated Moisturize Mask
NT$ 850
NT$ 1,000
  • 購買筑緣產品滿額1500元,贈送奇肌藍銅蠶絲面膜一盒 ( 送完為止 )
  • 購買筑緣產品滿額2500元,贈送光透輕裸美肌霜30 mL 一瓶 /嫩膚晶透液10% 15mL 一瓶( 送完為止 )
  • 購買筑緣產品滿額4000元,贈送洗卸潔顏凝膠 220mL 一瓶(送完為止 )
  • 購買筑緣產品滿額5000元,贈送奢華逆齡黑藻霜一瓶 50g(送完為止 )
With hypoallergenic formula and using the technique – Aquaporin, which owned the Nobel Prize, the mask helps the skin absorption of subsequent nutrients. It is combined with nine-in-one extract to boost skin defense function, improves wrinkles, synergies small molecule amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamins B5 to replenish the skin desired moisture. The smooth and soft features of top Tencel mask, it provides the skin the most comfortable and healthy feel.
Rejuvenated Moisturize Mask
NT$ 850 NT$ 1,000