About Us

I belong to allergic skin, so I am extremely cautious about the skin care products I use.

Seeing all kinds of skin care products flooded in the newspaper media, I thought, can skin products be improved by skin care products?

 I love beauty and I want everyone to have natural beauty. In 2018, the brand was established. ZHU YUAN manufactures in Taiwan with the brand concept of "women want to cherish themselves", and develops them with high-end biotechnology to provide skin suitable for oriental women. , Moisturizing, anti-aging, smoothing fine lines, maintaining youthful vitality, giving the skin a natural and translucent, top-quality care of the new era of maintenance products.
Create "Hope" Have "Beauty"
Looking at the expensive skincare products that are used only once, do I still want to continue to buy and try? A voice suddenly appeared in my heart. The air pollution and the greasy external food were interlocked. Someone was bound to be troubled by allergic skin. I also tried many skin care products, but it didn't help.
Then create your own "hope"
Since the effect of other people's products is unknown, and this "hope" and "beauty" can bring others confidence and pleasure at the same time, then TZ will start to look for that "hope"
Make a lot of money to build products, always believe that as long as there is something
At first, I didn’t know anything about the basic raw materials, and I understood the characteristics from scratch. Even if the raw material formula was far abroad, I didn’t give up the "idea" that I insisted on. After obtaining the product formula, I was commissioned by superb high-end technology. Ingredients and production, use your own skin test. Repeated failures and setbacks in the process are important crystallization of our growth.
Together with TZ Zhuyuan, we have the beauty of "beauty" every day
This idiot "heart" finally achieved results under the verification of time. The skin care products developed by TZ rubbed on his skin and no longer have allergies. He also found amazing results. The skin became brighter and firmer day by day. We will share and present this full of "joy" and "beauty" in front of you, welcome every day with a confident look, and feel that TZ's intention to create a beauty brand is worth your possession.