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Facial Wash Solution

Makeup removal and facial washing done at one time to give an incredible removal experience

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220 ml
Removing makeup and dirt, complete makeup removal and face wash at a once. This product uses of characteristics of the gel, with the facial temperature and circular massage, makes the gel attached the skin completely and the white sticky silk results can fully attach makeup, aging cuticles and dirt. It also can rub with water to bubble form to clean face and deep pore purification. This cleansing gel not only doing face wash but also remove the aging cuticles. Impressive cleansing feel lets you get rid of all-day skin burden, only leaves clean and purified touch.
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Nourish the skin and supply moisture.

Chamomile Extract
Relieve dry, rough and peeling skin.  

Cucumber Extract
It has the function of moisturizing, nourishing, and mineral supplementation.